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Play 2 v 2 in the area furthest from goal and 2 v 3 in the defensive area around the goal. Make 2 small goals on the end line for the defense to play out through.

The attacking team (gold) in the area furthest from the goal, combine to play the ball into the two attackers in the opposite area. The two defenders in the area furthest from the goal attempt to intercept passes as they are played through. The three defenders in the defensive area mu st pressure the ball, marking tightly when close to the ball or goal. Defenders from the area furthest from the goal may enter into the defensive area to support the three defenders and to serve as midfield players for clearances from the back. If defenders intercept the ball, they should attempt to play the ball through either of the small goals at the bottom of the diagram.

Coaching points

Midfield players must track forward runners.

If playing a flat back three, make sure they push up together. Keep play in front of you in defense; force it across the goal and make it predictable.

As a back three, can we apply pressure, support and balance.

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