Soccer Drill Demonstration


Player 1 has a ball; the other three balls are placed on discs on the end line.

Player 1 passes the ball to player 3, who must advance the ball to the opposite end line without being dispossessed of it by 1 or 2. Player 1 moves in to assume the correct defending position, forcing 3 in the direction of 2 by blocking the right side of the attacker. Players 1 and 2 combine to win the ball. If the defenders win the ball, have them attempt to knock a ball off a cone.

Both defenders start on the same side of the area.

Coaching points

Defenders assume the sideways position. First defender should stop the attacker moving forward. The second defender covers the open space.

Stay on your feet! Don't dive in.


Game can be progressed to 2 v 2.

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