Soccer Drill Demonstration


Set up six goals on a full-size pitch (use cones/poles for goals), a small goal at each corner of the pitch and a further two goals on each side of the half-way line.

Players score 1 point for their team every time they pass or dribble through the goal on the half-way line and two points for every goal scored in the goals on the corners.

Coaching points

This game encourages players to look to their wing players and switch the ball wide and into space in order to score points for their team.

Remember, the ball moves faster than the player so encourage players to pass and move rather than trying to go it alone!

Players should start to recognise that they can draw the defence across to one side of the pitch and then use the space created on the other side of the pitch.

Attacking team should:

  • Accurate and crisp passing
  • Clear communication ("switch the ball. I'm in space")
  • Maintain good width
  • Plenty of off the ball running!

Reduce the size of playing area with smaller squads.

You can play this game with or without goalkeepers. If you play with keepers will have to try and protect both goals by following the direction of play from one side of the pitch to other. If you decide to play without keepers implement a maximum shooting distance to prevent players from shooting from too far out.

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