Soccer Drill Demonstration


Station 6 players in 2 teams of 3 in 1/3 of the area and 3 players in 1 team in the other 1/3.

The ball starts in the area at the top of the diagram. The 3 players in possession must attempt to advance the ball into the middle area. The team advancing the ball into this area then carries the ball into the opposing 1/3. Now they must attempt to advance the ball to the end line at the bottom of the diagram beyond the 3 players in the bottom 1/3. Defensive players must attempt to prevent the team in possession from getting the ball to either the middle area or the end line. Play continues from end to end with the winner being the first team to get to 5 points/goals.

Develop so that 3 defenders become 2 defenders plus a goalkeeper. Now you have 3 attackers trying to beat 2 defenders and score past the goalkeeper.

Coaching points

Good supporting positions at good distance and angles.

Quality of pass and quality runs.

Spread out wide and deep when we attack.

Move from defense to attack at controlled speed.

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