Rugby Drill Demonstration


This is the first exercise in a series of three that can be put together to form a contact conditioning circuit.

Alternatively, this would be a great exercise to include as part of a warm up.

  • Your players should work in pairs.

  • One player lays with his back on the ground and the other lays across him facing down.

  • The player with his back on the ground has to work really hard to get back to his feet against the resistance of his partner.

This exercise will develop your players core strength and ability to manipulate the body in order to get back to their feet.

This drill is simulating aspects of the game such as having to roll away after making a tackle.

Coaching points

  • Tell players not to rest in between sets, this should be tough for the players in terms of fitness as well.
  • Encourage players to work hard and make it a bit of a competition 

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