Handball Drill Demonstration


Blue 1 starts the move by feeding the ball in from the wing to blue 2.

Blue 2 then plays a 1-2 pass with blue 3 who runs onto the pass and shoots on goal.

Defender may only try to block the shot : do not come forward!

Coaching points

Make players jump off at 8-9 metres, not too any closer and not any further away.

Throw just next to hands of defenders (in most situations it is simply not possible to throw over the hands of defenders - players cannot jump that high! - (compare smashes in volleyball : most of them are places just next to the blocking hands of defenders)


  1. Defender acts as if to block the shot by holding his arms high to give space for the shot next to the defender's arms..
  2. Defender jumps up to block the shot.
  3. Defender is really active to prevent a goal shot.

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