Handball Drill Demonstration


Two teams start at the same time. Players first pass their ball to the feeder who passes back at the throw off line. Then players dribble and try to score goal.
If a goal is scored the next player may start (see bottom graphic). If not then the player sprints to the throw off line to the balls, takes a ball and goes for a goal once again. (see upper graphic) After his shot, the next player of his group may start.

Two defenders (A1 and B1) of the other team try to prevent success.
Defenders may act offensively or passively, they may step forward as far as the like (not intercepting the first pass) or stay at the 6 metres for a defensive block.

Coaching points

Put pressure on the team result!
No sloppy shots but accurate shooting and passing is required!

Drill tags: attack, break, dribbling, fast break, handball, shooting

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