Handball Drill Demonstration


Dribble towards the defenders , jump in between and throw at the goal.
Go to the other group.
Defenders let it happen to help the attackers train their shot.

variations :
- 3 step rythm (right handers : left,right,left and left handers : right,left,right)
- 2 step or even in 1 step
- jumping off : left handers : right foot, right handers : left foot
- jump off with your 'wrong' foot (1,2,3 steps)

Coaching points

  •     final step is explosive and large
  •     in the air the hip should go backward together with the throwing arm
  •     pull up other leg until upper leg is horizontal
  •     land on the same leg as you jumped off


  1. To begin with the defender should be fairly passive - allowing attackers to have their shot on goal with only minimal pressure.
  2. However, as the drill progresses the defender can up the pressure.
  3. Attackers can also attempt to use a feint (dummy) to fool the defender and get a clear shot on goal.

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