Gymnastics Drill Demonstration


Starting situation. B standing in long shape and back on to A. A standing in long shape and back onto B. Grip. B grasps the wrists of A in a reverse forward overgrasp grip. Works when both gymnasts stand back to back in a Long shape. Gymnast B grasps the wrists of A, in a reverse overgrasp grip, in order to create a pulling force. In order to lift A, gymnast B has to lower their C of G below that of A. B has to flex at the knee and hip joints,and drop their hips below those of A. B now has to co- ordinate :- 1. A pulling force on the wrists of A. 2. A pushing Backwards withe their hips. 3. A straightening of the legs. The resultant of these forces becomes the lifting of A onto the back of B. A may either stay in long shape; or lift their legs into a Pike shape; to create a "sputnik" balance on the back of B.

finish with backwards somersault

The Drill is often used with

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