Gymnastics Drill Demonstration


Starting situation.

A stands upright and side on to the face of B.

B stands upright, in a wide base,and face on to the side of A. Grip.

A grips the inside shoulder of B, with palms down. B places the inside hand palm on the lower back of A. The outside hand, in undergrasp grip,under the raised flexed knee of A.

Base. A wide upright and firm stance.

Works when gymnast A stands side on to the inside shoulder of B. Gymnast A raises one flexed inside leg, and places their inside hand, palms down, on to the inside shoulder of gymnast B. The outside arm is kept low and straight. Gymnast B pushes the palm of their inside hand on to the lower back of gymnast A. Their outside hand grips under the knee joint of the raised leg of A. Palm upwards in an undergrasp grip. Gymnast A flexes the support leg and then co-ordinates a vertical hop, a firm press down on the inside shoulder of B,and an arm swing "forward and up" of the free arm. Gymnast B co-operates with the timed take off, by lifting and pushing with the inside hand on the lower back of A, and by lifting vertically under the flexed knee of A, with their outside hand. Gymnast B lifts A from the vertical hop,and thereafter lowers A back to the starting situation. N.B. This becomes the starting situation for a Pitched Backward Somersault later in the course.

The Drill is often used with

Lifting from the lower back and under a flexed knee.Key 5 Partner LiftingGymnastics Drills Coaching

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