Gymnastics Drill Demonstration


Starting situation.

A horizontal to B. Head to the feet of B and holding a reverse box shaped position.

B vertical to A. Feet near to the head of A.

Grip. Both gymnasts grasp the wrists of the other in a forward overgrasp grip.

Works when A is lying in a reverse box base position, with their head at the feet of B. B stands vertically at the head of A. Both gymnasts grasp wrist to wrist, in a forward overgrasp grip. Gymnast A pulls hips backwards and high, into a tuck shape. (bring heels to bum and chest to knees.) Both gymnasts now co-ordinate :- 1. A powerful lift and pull vertically by B. 2. A strong hip extension, and a pull against the lifting force by A. The result becomes an assisted neckspring to feet.

The Drill is often used with

Bridge lift and pull, to aid a neckspring to feet.Key 5 Partner LiftingGymnastics Drills Coaching

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