Super Sweeps! Attacking Batting Session

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This session aims to introduce players to the basic technique for the sweep shot and, with your more advanced batters, look at variations to the traditional sweep.

The sweep is one of the tougher shots a batter will learn to play. Although it is a high risk shot, if played correctly, it can be very effective in more ways than one.

Firstly it's a great attacking option for your players to put some power into their shot, as they drop onto one knee and roll their wrists. Secondly it's a great way to change the bowler's length.

What's in the session?

To teach your players the correct technique for this cross-batted shot and more importantly, in what sort of game situation to attempt the sweep, this session starts off slowly, with your players batting from their knees and then progresses - giving you the option to take this session at the speed which suits your players.

Try this session with your players to get your players sweeping today!

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