Sustaining Success!

  • January 1st, 2017
  • Camilla Chapman

It can be a long season for you and your players, as you all put in months of hard work and dedication to try earn success together, as a group. But it's important that you all stay on track during the second half of the season, particularly if you've had a mid-season break, and on the path towards success!

Follow these three top tips to help keep your players - and coaching staff - switched on and ready to continue your success for the rest of the season!

Knuckle down!

It's important that your players really knuckle down and concentrate on the task ahead. It can be easy for your players to lose interest during a long season, but you must ensure that they are fully committed to the cause, ready to work with you and their team-mates towards the goals you all want.

Don't be afraid to leave out players who lack the correct attitude for the run-in and aren't prepared to work together with their team-mates. Team spirit can be often what takes a team over the line, so it's important that all of your players are willing to put aside their own goals, to work collectively together. Take Leicester City's unexpected Premier League title win last season for example; their tremendous team spirit is just one of the ways that the Foxes defied the odds to win the title.

Staying in shape

Ensure that your players stay in shape and are at peak fitness ahead of your upcoming fixtures. We know how easy it is to lose fitness after the winter break, with Christmas and all, so now is the best time to help them back to full fitness! Make sure they are working hard in training and giving their all. Fitness training is never fun but you can add areas of fun into your sessions; they may groan at the sound of fitness work but all their hard work will pay off in those important matches!

Stay focused

It can be a long and tiring season for everyone at your club but it is essential that your players stay focused mentally. Any lapse in concentration can harm your team's chances of victory and if your players become stressed during a match, it can lead to a negative impact on their performance. Encourage your players to relax away from the team and not burning themselves out; you'll need them at their best for the run in.

If you find that one of your players is struggling mentally or physically, then help them as much as you can. As a coach, you're the person that your players will go to for guidance and support, so make sure that you are there for them. Take a look at one of our past blogs for how your players can stay focused during your matches.

Follow these tips and help your team achieve continued success this season!