How to improve your team communication

  • May 17th, 2017
  • Camilla Chapman

Communicating within your team is often crucial to your success, both on and off the pitch, whatever sport you play. Not only is good communication needed during a game, helping your players play as a team, but it's also important to have good communication off it. Building up team spirit and a solid bond between your teammates can often help you get over the line in big games!

There are various different ways you can help keep communication open and stress-free off the pitch, helping you and your team become better organised. Here are our top tips to help you communicate effectively!

Have regular meetings

We know meetings are not the most enjoyable activity but they are sometimes necessary to help with the organisation of your team. If you particularly have a big role in running things behind the scenes, then it's important that you regularly keep in contact with those who are also in roles of significance, such as the coach. Make sure you organise meetings on a regular occasion and are kept up to date with any big decisions.

Team bonding

A good way to ensure plenty of communication is to have your players bond and regularly meet up away from the pitch. If you build up a good team spirit it'll help your team perform on the pitch, as they'll become more willing to work for each other, therefore communicating better. Take the team on a fun activity, such as go-karting, or even just all meet up for dinner! By organising activities for the group, your players will get to know one another better and work together as a team on the pitch.

Social media

Give your team an online presence through social media, which all of your players can view and easily communicate with each other. Here, you can put up match-day details, group events such as team outings and have group conversations. Make sure that everyone on your team is following this page and is kept up to date with any information posted. Also set up a website which anyone can view, which again can provide information for upcoming matches and events, as a way of attracting new players or any support for your team.

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