Sportplan gives Extra this Christmas with United Through Sport

  • December 6th, 2018
  • Tom Bean

Sport breeds integrity through respect, it rewards sharing through teamwork and honors humility - Christmas shares all these values. It's a time which encourages sharing and inspires modesty by way of giving, not just to those close to us, but to those less fortunate who look for a helping hand over the festive period.

As sportspeople, Christmas time is a period to reflect and be grateful for the freedom to get out onto the court, onto the field, onto the track and compete. Therefore this Christmas, we at Sportplan are aiming to inspire new opportunities for those whose access to sport is not so readily available.

Throughout the Christmas period, all the proceeds from our Christmas promotion will go to , United Through Sport. The charity works globally 'with kids from disadvantaged backgrounds using the power of sport to improve education, raise health awareness and build life-skills.'

Looking to 'play, tackle and unite', they transform lives through sport by supporting access to play, by combating social, health and educational issues and by building relationships. Working with over 56,000 children, stretching from every corner of the globe, they have provided more than 100,000 hours of HIV and AIDs prevention education, donated in excess of 25,000 pairs of boots and taught 500+ children how to swim.

United Through Sport shares the values of which Sportplan holds in the highest esteem within sport. Therefore Christmas is the perfect time to help make an impact in a world which is often solely united by sport.

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