Get involved in Women's Sport Week!

  • October 6th, 2016
  • Camilla Chapman

Throughout this week, the charity Women in Sport are running their Women's Sport Week campaign, with the aim of celebrating and showcasing women's sport at every level in the UK. The overall objective of the charity is to get more women and girls physically active and playing sport every week; much like the This Girl Can campaign that Sport England launched last year. That appears to have paid dividends with the number of women and girls who exercise once a week, which has risen by 261,200 to 7.12 million between 2015 and 2016.

With the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics still fresh in the minds of the nation - Team GB's best ever overseas games - now is the perfect time for you to get involved with sport! Whether this is taking up a new sport yourself, organising more events in your club or just generating debate, it's time to encourage more women to engage in sport.

Did you know that Paralympics GB female athletes won more medals at the Rio 2016 Paralympics than their male counterparts?

Take inspiration from some of Team GB's outstanding athletes from Rio such as Laura Trott, who became Great Britain's most successful Olympic female competitor, and try out a new sport! From Hockey to Boxing, there are so many sports to have a go at, both as an individual or with a team. It'll not only improve your health but also your social life, where you'll make new friends as well as keeping active, helping you to have a healthy body and mind. It doesn't matter what level you're at as long as you enjoy yourself!

You don't even have to be playing a sport to get involved! You can volunteer at your local club and help organise more events in your area, or you can experience live sport and support your local team in your favourite sport.

Get involved in sport today! For more information on Women's Sport Week, visit the Women in Sport website.