9 Coaching Characteristics to Capture in 2019

  • January 1st, 2019
  • Tom Bean

Go into 2019 with coaching confidence by capturing a piece of each of these top coaches characteristics.

Joe Schmidt - Innovator

Ireland National Team - Rugby

Everything is in the detail with the Ireland Rugby Coach. Technically, Schmidt creates plays and inspires players to recognise how they can influence the attack, even when out of possession. He see's tactical opportunities which few others are able to recognise or atleast counter.

His innovation and technical knowledge led Ireland to the Grand Slam in the 6 Nations and only their second ever win over the All Blacks in the Autumn.

Will his innovative leadership and technical knowledge lead them to an unprecedented World Cup win in 2019?

Becky Hammon - Communicator

San Antonio Spurs - Basketball

As assistant coach at San Antonio Spurs, Hammon is learning her trade from long-term head coach and great communicator, Gregg Popovich. Able to break down and communicate complexities to a group, regardless of who they are and their expertise is something Hammon is working hard to replicate.

As a diminutive 5 foot 6 figure, being able to convey her ideas to the NBA players around Becky is a vital part of her coaching philosophy.

Does 2019 hold another NBA Championships for the Spurs or perhaps an anticipated head-coach role for Hammon?

Justin Langer - Trustworthy Role Model

Australia National Team - Cricket

After a turbulent year for the Australian Cricket team, Justin Langer is a coach who's respected highly amongst the players. As someone who has walked the walk and understands Australian test cricket, the strong-willed former batsman will be an example for the players to follow.

Langer will be set on reshaping the image of Cricket Australia by leading as a role-model from the front.

How will Langer and the Australians fare in an Ashes summer against their oldest of foes in 2019?

Shane McLeod - Continually Learning

Belgium National Team - Hockey

Originally from New Zealand, Shane McLeod left for Europe to broaden his mind as to how coaches were coaching there. He recognised that he could learn more on top of how he plied his trade in the Southern Hemisphere.

Having won the Hockey World Cup with Belgium in December 2018, McLeod continues to seek out how different coaches approach playing the game, understanding that one must continue to improve.

Will Belgium and McLeod cement themselves at the top of world hockey in the new Hockey Pro League that's around the corner in 2019?

Tracey Neville - Utilises Leaders

England National Team - Netball

A straight-talking coach who rarely minces her words, Tracey Neville makes no secrets as to where you stand with her. England Netball's success is a testament to how Neville manages her players; she expects high standards and will often use leaders within the team for advice to balance out her harder approach.

Neville's direct approach undoubtedly brings success, however she can recognise where it needs balancing with a softer touch; an important skill for any coach.

England Netball host the World Cup in 2019 where Neville will be aiming for glory on home soil this year.

Nickolaj Jacobsen - Sets Clear Goals

Denmark National Team - Handball

Coaching a club team and national team at the same time is a tough job but one Nickolaj Jacobsen won't moan about. Jacobsen is a motivated and driven leader with clear goals and he drags his plays with him and his enthusiasm. A coach who clearly loves his job, players are always excited to achieve his goals with him.

Taking charge of the Denmark national team for the Handball world championships, Jacobsen only has eyes for gold. Denmark is a nation that won't settle for a loss here or there.

Can Jacobsen's enthusiasm and lofty goal-setting lead Denmark to a home victory in 2019?

Gareth Southgate - Humble and Aware of the World

England National Team - Football

The England football coach transformed the way the players interacted with the press and public in 2018. He bought his humble nature to the team and created a sense of enjoyment around camp, reducing the pressure on the squad in a World Cup year.

England got to the semi-finals of the World Cup in 2018 by having a connection to the outside world and by keeping their feet firmly on the floor.

How will Gareth Southgates team fare in 2019 where they go to Portugal to fight for the inaugural Nations League title?

Mary Wise - Builds Relationships

Florida Gators - Volleyball

In her 28th year in charge at the Florida Gators, Mary Wise continues to build her dynasty on her ability to maintain relationships and manage people. She puts value on how connected her female athletes feel and strikes up relationships with players parents to achieve success by connecting with the person, rather than the player.

The reel of achievements is nigh on endless for Wise, yet she still continues to maintain that a person must improve holistically to play better.

Does 2019 hold a coveted NCAA Division One Championship for her and the Gators?

Severin Luthi - Recognises a Two-Way Street

Roger Federer - Tennis

When working with players, regardless of whether it is a great, a coach must recognise the job is a two-way street. Severin Luthi gives his input, Roger Federer gives his input and they work out the best solution. He is able to take into account the ideas of the player to adjust his coaching methods.

When working with any player, it's important to understand their requirements and acknowledge their ideas. Luthi has become master in sculpting his ideas around Federer's.

Will Federer bounce back to extend his unbeaten count of grand slams in 2019?

A great coach must master multiple characteristics depending on the situation. 2019 is set to be an exciting year with major events upcoming and big follow-up years after successes in 2018. It's set to be a tough one for these coaches!

Make your new year's resolution to get coaching confident by seizing a bit of each characteristic of these coaches at the top of their sports.