Soccer Drill Demonstration


  1. The drills starts with one player from group 1 (reds) running with a ball to the opposing goal, trying to score.

  2. As soon as they have a shot at goal, a player from group 2 (yellows) runs with a ball to the other goal to try and score. The player that had the first shot has to try and defend against the player from group 2.

  3. When this player scores or loses the ball to the defender, the next player starts from group 1 and the player that had the shot becomes the new defender.

The player that had the first shot and then defended, goes to the back of there queue. (Players should always finish up in the same queue and attack the same goal).

Coaching points

Play this practice non stop for about 5 minutes.

This is a good practice for 6 - 8 players. Check that attackers do not start to run too early each time. Give the defenders a chance to recover after having their shot at goal.

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