Quick Hands - Attacking Space Session

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This week's session has been designed to get your players passing the ball quicker through the attacking line's hands, working towards the space.

In the context of the game players rarely need to pass in quick succession for more than 3 or 4 passes, usually when passer and receiver are under opposition pressure or when shifting the point of attack. For this reason it's important that all your players are able to think fast and pass quickly.

To make sure your team is able to shift the ball at speed - either to maintain possession or pass quickly up the line into space this session works on pacey passing, looking to minimise dropped passes and gives your players plenty of conditioned game practice designed to get them committing defenders and opening up space on the pitch!

lightbulbSportplan Tip:

Don't forget, make sure you enjoy what you do, keep the session moving and make sure your players leave feeling they have progressed.

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