Development of Rucking

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This session is designed to introduce junior players to the ruck and improve older players' rucking ability - Starting slowly and controlled before gradually increasing the intensity.

Contrary to popular belief good rucking is a key skill for all players, not just your forwards. This session looks specifically at ways to instil good rucking technique throughout your team. All players should be able to ruck, especially your backs if they get caught out wide with very little support.

With a confident, strong and technically correct rucking technique your players will be able to tell the opposition to "ruck off!"

What's in the Session?

This session starts simply and can be used by junior sides to introduce them to the idea of rucking. However, with our progression pointers you can use this session with more advanced players, gradually making each drill more and more challenging.

Laws of the game - Ruck: Law 16

Want to brush up on the rucking laws? Click here for more information: IRB Laws: Law 16.

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