Gymnastics Drill Demonstration


Coach will suggest a session, eg. team defence. Players will then plan a session around what they know of team defence. They present plan to the coach who approves or suggests alternatives. Reveals and develops true levels of understanding

Coaching points

Impact on Self-Esteem
High level significance
High level competence
High level virtue
Mid level power

The Drill is often used with

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Learner Initiatives Drill Thumbnail
Learner Initiatives

Players choose a topic/ skill/ tactic that they would like ot work on. They plan the session/drill according to their level of understanding & ability, and have the coach approve/amend. The coach observes the sessions and provides feedback at the end

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Self Teaching Drill Thumbnail
Self Teaching

Players choose the session themselves, plan it and evaluate it, Coach uses this session to discover hidden qualities of his/her players.

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Practice Drill Thumbnail

‘Here is a push pass, you and your partner, copy it and repeat it 10 times’ Players make some minor decisions Coach explains the drill and allows the players to practice

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Command Drill Thumbnail

‘Chest Pass the ball in pairs when I say go’ All decisions made by the coachCoach explains the practice, players start and stop on commandGood to establish safety and discipline

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