Gymnastics Drill Demonstration


Starting situation. A stands upright and face on to B. Hands are placed on the shoulders of B. B prepares a Base in front of, face on to, and close to A. Grip. Palms of B grasp the lower thighs of A. Palms of A press down firmly on the shoulders of B. Base. Wide squat base; or a deep Lunge base. Works when Gymnast A stands upright in front of, and close in to B, with palms of hands placed on the shoulders of B. Keep both arms tense and straight. Gymnast B prepares a Base in front of, and face on to A. Grips the lower thighs of A just above the knees. Both gymnasts co-ordinate a jumping action and a pressing down on the shoulders of B, and a heel drive into layout position, from gymnast A; with an upward lifting of the legs of A by gymnast B.(The further forward gymnast A pushes their shoulders at take off, the higher the lift may become.) After showing a Layout position at the top of the lift gymnast B lowers A to the ground.

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