Gymnastics Drill Demonstration


(optional music - any piece with 4/4 Marching rhythm)

  • Link conditioning ideas in any order 
  • Start from, and end in, a chosen position of stillness 
  1. Dish Shape and Dish Rocking 
  2. Half Dish Roll to Arch Shape and Arch Rocking 
  3. Dish Rolling through 360 Degrees and Reverse 
  4. Tuck Rocking and Tuck Rock to Feet→ Squat Shape Balance with weight on hands 
  5. Dish Rock→ Shoulder Balance→ Tuck Shape Balance 
  6. Modified Bridge→ Full Bridge 
  7. V-Sit→ Straddle V-Sit→ Straddle Sit→ Fold (and reverse) 
  8. V-Sit→ Shoulder Balance

The Drill is often used with

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