Golf Drill Demonstration


Mark out one or more tunnels using suitable markers. Split the group into teams. Give each team one putter and one ball.

The first player tries to putt the ball all the way through the tunnel. The team scoresa point if the player successfully completes the task. The player fetches the ball, returns it to the next player, and joins the back of the line. The game continues either for a set period of time or until a team scores a set number of points (e.g. first to 10)

Coaching points


Easier: Begin by rolling the ball instead of putting it. Increase the width of the tunnel and/or shorten the length.

Harder: Decrease the width of the tunnel and/or increase the length. Place a target at the end of the tunnel and give bonus points for balls finishing in or on the target. Balls cannot touch any of the markers when going through the tunnel.

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