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The design and creation of your Tri-Golf course is completely up to you or the children
who are going to play it.Things to consider when designing the course are the
participants age, ability, experience, knowledge; condition of the area, i.e. slopes,
undulations, etc.; space available and format to be played. General guidelines are that
each Tri-Golf hole should measure in the region of 20-50 metres in length, with a green
approximately 2-4 metres in diameter.Teeing areas can be shown using markers, cones,
etc. and should be approx. 2 metres in width. See the example of a Tri-Golf hole in coaching point

Coaching points


  • The hole itself could simply consist of a hoop with a flag in the middle of it.
  • The amount of holes you have in your course will depend on the number of players
    participating. It is up to you whether you create hazards, e.g. bunkers and water
    hazards, using coloured markers/cones. It may also be possible for you to incorporate
    in the design of your course the location of trees, etc. again depending on how
    difficult you require the course to be.
  • You will need to consider the placing of Tees and Greens to minimise the risk of shots
    towards one Green ending up close to or on another Green or Tee leading to players
    walking and playing across each other.
  • Equipment required: hoops, flags, cones, numbered discs/markers.

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