Golf Drill Demonstration


Mark out one or more 'clockfaces' using suitable markers. Place a marker at the centre of each 'clockface'. Split the group into teams and send each team to a 'clockface'. Teams line up at 1 o'clock. Give each team one club and give each player one ball.

The first player putts the ball towards the target. If they hit the target the team moves onto 2 o'clock but if they miss they stay at 1 o'clock. The second player putts, then the second, then the third and so on. Teams cannot move round until they hit the target. The first team that makes it round to 12 o'clock wins.

Coaching points


Easier: Decrease the size of the 'clockface' and/or use a bigger target. Reduce the number fo points around the 'clockface'.

Harder: Increase the size of the 'clockface' and/or use a smaller target. If all the team misses at any point they go back to the beginning.

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