Crossing Champions

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This Sportplan Session encourages your players to attack down the wings, make the most of the width and create Crossing Champions in your team!

Working on your attack this session aims to improve your crosser's accuracy as they pick their spot inside the opposition's penalty box and ensure your attackers are able to pounce onto the ball and put away their chances!

A cross by definition is the delivery of a ball via various kicking techniques from either side of the field across the front of the goal and is used by wingers (such as Walcott and Beckham) to create goal-scoring opportunities. However, as the rather strange proverb goes; there's more than one way to skin a cat - and the same applies to crossing - players can vary their delivery in a huge number of ways: Chipped ball, inswinger, outswinger, low and driven, high and floated...

No matter what sort of cross your players prefer the key is that they're able to create space down the wings and flood the box so that when the ball is played they're in a position to attack and get the goal! In particular this session aims to work on your team's attack but defenders needn't worry, they'll be given their chance to shine too as they'll be trying to clear their lines and head to safety!

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