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Basketball Coaching Drills

The Sportplan Basketball drills coaching website, provides an online resource for Basketball Teachers and Basketball Coaches who are looking to improve their Basketball teaching. With over 500 Basketball Drill Animations, Basketball Skill Videos and Basketball Techniques to search and design lesson plans and session plans from, you will never be short of ideas again.

Advanced Basketball Drills

The Basketball Drill Library is packed with drills for all levels of players, Basketball drills for -U10, U12, U14 boys and girls, but also advanced Basketball Drills, for senior players. To push and really test your teams. The Sportplan Basketball Library really does have Basketball drills for every level of player.

Basketball Lesson Plans and Session Plans

Sportplan provides weekly Basketball lesson plans for Basketball emailed to your inbox, for members to instantly download or access online, using slideshow to enlarge onto an interactive whiteboard. Users can also use the UKCC compliant online lesson planner to create lesson plans, instantly search through thousands of skill and technique videos to create the perfect lesson plan.

Schools can provide GCSE, JASE and A-Level students with access to the Basketball teaching resources, allowing them to search for Basketball coaching ideas, create lesson plans, save online and print their plans.
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Advanced Basketball Coaching Tools

Sportplan provides tools for Basketball club coaches to work together through the My Team tools. Create session plans and share them instantly with fellow coaches over the Internet. Search Basketball to find hundreds of Basketball animations and video techniques.

Basketball Drill Search Tool allows you to quickly search the whole sportplan drills library plus find sessions plans and expert Basketball videos from across the internet.

Can't find the Basketball drill you want? Then sketch it using the online Sportplan Basketball Chalkboard, create your own Basketball drills with our easy to use Basketball diagram and tactic designer. Plus you can now animate Basketball drills and animate tactics using the Sportplan Basketball animator.

Advanced tools allow Basketball session plans to be printed to PDF and saved or shared via email.

Expert Basketball Coaching Answers and Basketball Drill Plans

The Sportplan Basketball Answers section is the forum to ask your coaching questions. Having them answered by our community of Basketball coaches and experts from around the world.

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Recently Viewed Drills

Sessions of the Week
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Basketball Court Templates

Full Pitch Template

Team Sheet Template

Two Pitches Template
: Back Cut Drill - Footwork and Movement
Footwork and Movement
: Shoot off the screen - Screening
: 1 on 1 Dive Drill - Shooting
: Dribbling Circuit - Passing
: Ball bounce on line - Dribbling
: 1 v 1 from the wing - Dribbling
: Changing Hands - Dribbling Relay
Dribbling Relay
: 2 v 1 Screening - Screening
: 3 vs 3 with defence - Screening
: Pass, receive and Shoot - Shooting
: 1-2-3 and rebound - Shooting
: 1 on 1 with entry pass - Shooting
: Number Shooting Game - Shooting
: Rebound Chaos - Rebound
: 3 Man weave turn 3 v 2 - 3 v 2
3 v 2
: 3 Player Pass and Move Drill - Footwork and Movement
Footwork and Movement
: 3 Man Weave 2 v 1 - 2 v 1
2 v 1
: 2 on 2 Helpside Drill - Games
: Defensive Close Out - Defense
: Defensive Conditioning - Jump, touch, turn and sprint - Defense
: 3 Man Motion Drill (ii) - Footwork and Movement
Footwork and Movement
: Pass, Cut and Shoot - Footwork and Movement
Footwork and Movement
: 2 on 2 Half Court - 2 v 2
2 v 2
: 15 Pass Drill - Passing
: 2 on 2 - Transition Drill - Passing
: Skill Pass and Dribble - Part 1 - Individual
: Elbow shooting drill - Shooting
: Carolina Shooting with Pressure - Shooting
: Mass Reaction Drill - Warmup
:  - 1 v 1
1 v 1
: 1v1 From the half court - Shooting
: 1 on 1 continuous - rear view - Games
: Setting a Screen - Screening
: Off the screen shooting drill - Screening
: 1-step and left hip pass - Passing Technique
Passing Technique
: 1 Handed Pass - Passing Technique
Passing Technique
: Close-out baseline drive - Defense
: Behind the Back Pass - Passing Technique
Passing Technique
: 2v2 Deny Drill - Defense
: 1v1 From the Post - Defense
: 2 ball bounce - Advanced Ball Handling
Advanced Ball Handling
: Two Ball dribble and Switch - Advanced Ball Handling
Advanced Ball Handling
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