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"The main thing I need is to add a plan or a session and ensure all my other teachers can see it."

It is important that teachers teach their students in similar ways, and using best practice techniques in order to ensure that students are moving forward in a positive way.

With the Sportplan 'SportsHUB', your school can ensure that they utilise similar methods of teaching by sharing information with just one click. Whether it is a drill or a session available on Sportplan.com, or other files that the individuals have created, it has never been easier to share information with one-click of a button.

With the 'SportsHUB', any document that is added to the resources folder will be available to all members of the school team, and if members of the team haven't logged on to the site, they'll get a notification via email to tell them that information has been uploaded.

So whether it's ensuring your team are coaching from the same sheet or helping out staff with their less confident sports. Sportplan are here to ensure your lives are easier.

Take a look at our video below, on just how simple it is to share your ideas and sessions with your teachers!

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