Soccer Drill Demonstration


Objective: Initial pulse raiser to get players focus & physically prepared for the session.


  • Mark out a 20 x 20 grid with cones every 10m.
  • On each line of the grid put a piece of equipment (poles, ladders, hurdles, cones).
  • Put 2 players into bibs (pac men) and everyone else starts spread out next to cone.
  • You can only move alone the lines from cone - cone. If a player comes to a piece of equipment they need to go through it efficiently.
  • If you are caught then you're out or can join the pac men chasing.
  • Introduce balls after a couple of games, where players can take turns to enter skill zone with ball, perform skill & pass to partner (swap).
  • Emphasis is on quality of movement with and without equipment.
  • Speed / transfer ratio - going in and coming out.
  • Don't concentrate on technique yet.
  • Make rotations as necessary.
  • When balls are introduced make sure quality ball manipulation & allow players to "show off" a trick / feint in the skill zone.

Drill tags: warm up

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