Soccer Drill Demonstration


Set out three grids within the area according to the dimensions shown in the above diagram. Play 3 v 1 in each large area, plus a goalkeeper.

The 3 blue players combine to dribble the ball past the lone white defender into the midfield area then shoot on the goal. The lone blue player in the other area follows up on rebounds from the goalkeeper. Repeat in the opposite direction. Rotate positions.

1. The lone defender can track the attacking player into the midfield area in an attempt to pressure the attacker or block the shot.
2. Change the ratio of attackers to defenders to 3 v 2.

Coaching points

  • Encourage players to penetrate the midfield area as quickly as possible and to shoot in one continuous movement.
  • Composure is an important prerequisite to successful shooting.
  • Strike through the middle or top half of the ball.
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