Soccer Drill Demonstration


Set up a triangle as shown.

3 players on the outside have a ball each and the player in the middle without a ball.

Player in the middle receives a serve from one player on the outside and controls with the thight before volleying it back to them using the interior or the laces of their feet.

He then leaves the vicinity of the triangle before coming back and and receiving from another player.

Coaching points

The distance between the cones can be modified depending on how hard you want the middle player to work.

Ensure you get good acceleration out of the triangle after each pass.

Passes should be firm and the ball should be returned to the servers hands.

The control on the thigh can eb a cushioned control to bring the ball down quickly and pass it or it can be a pushed control to push the ball up and give the player more time to adjust to the type of pass they will give.

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