Soccer Drill Demonstration


  • Two GKs working in 2 seperate goals at 90 degrees to each other.
  • Two servers in central positions and two servers in wide positions.
  • GKs begin facing the post and both turn in from the post at same time and then deal with a shot.
  • GK1 and GK2 then cross over and get a shot from opposite server in wide positions.

Coaching points

  • The focus is on the speed of movement between the 2 positions and drive to recover.
  • Both GKs need to pick a direct route but make sure they avoid eachother when crossing over. This can replicate a busy penalty area.
  • Correct timing of dive to get some part of the body in line. GKs should not dive to early. It should be a reaction save to the second shot.

Drill tags: two goal recovery, goalkeeping, recovery, save, dive

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