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Goalkeeping Dealing with Cutbacks Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeping Dealing with Cutbacks

Get your goalkeepers dealing with cutbacks by staying on their feet and anticipating the change of angle.

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  • Place balls in the middle area
  • Central server (server 1) plays ball to goalkeeper when they have advanced far enough
  • Goalkeeper passes ball back to the server 1
  • Server 1 then plays the ball out wide to Server 2 who plays first time ball for the goalkeeper to cut out or deal with the shot from Server 1


  • When working with younger goalkeepers get the server that follows in to play the shot first time, so they cannot generate as much power

Coaching points

  • Goalkeeper to get far enough out for dealing with the pass and watch the goalkeepers movement pattern, this should be diagonal.
  • Goalkeeper should use the time as the ball is travelling to get into position
  • If the ball is reachable for the goalkeeper they should try and stop the striker getting across them. It is more difficult for a striker to score if they are outside the posts


  • Introduce an extra striker to 'shut the back door'

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