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Goalkeeping Shot Stopping From the Angle Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeping Shot Stopping From the Angle

To improve the goalkeeper making saves from shots from the angle.

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  • Ball played into feet of the attacker with a passive defender or mannequin behind them.
  • The Server takes one touch to roll the defender and get a shot away with the second touch.


  • Make sure the attacker does not take too many touches
  • The attackers first touch should be wide but not too wide to make the angle so acute that it is difficult to get on target. If this is happening cone an area off in the 18yd box where the shot must be taken inside.

Coaching points

  • Note the goalkeepers starting position and are they getting far enough into line and down the line. Think BBC of goalkeeping Ball Body Centre of the Goal.
  • Goalkeeper should also not dive to early.
  • If the ball is parried does the goalkeeper parry into safe zones wide or back into the danger zone in front of the goal?


  • Defender can track back and make recovery run to protect the goal behind the defender.
  • Initial server follows in to finish any rebounds not parried into safe zones.

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