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  • Central server or coach plays ball out to wide position (wing)
  • Player on the wing who receives it then plays the ball into the Goalkeepers feet
  • One of the players on the flank runs in and closes the goalkeeper down
  • Goalkeeper takes a touch and plays the ball into run of advancing player
  • Each time flank players stay on same side but swap positions

Coaching points

  • Goalkeeper receive the ball on back foot
  • The touch needs to be away from the oncoming player
  • Goalkeeper can now switch play, look to go opposite way and then reverse the pass
  • When closed down from both sides the Goalkeeper can play the ball into the original server centrally using the midfield as an outlet


  • Goalkeeper is closed down from two areas (players on both wings come in) and has to pick available option 
  • If there are enough players play attack v defence in a game related practice where defenders score in mini goals up the field after using the Goalkeeper a specified number of times.

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