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Dealing with Long Shots Session Thumbnail
Dealing with Long Shots

Goalkeeper positioning is vital when dealing with shots from long range. Develop your keepers concentration, positioning and movement to be solid behind the speculative efforts

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  • Four service points marked out by coloured cones on the edge of the area.
  • The coach stands behind the goalkeeper with a set of corresponding coloured cones.
  • The coach holds up a cone and the server on that coloured cone takes a shot from distance.

Coaching points

  • Goalkeeper to react and get into line with corresponding server.
  • Goalkeeper to be set in time for the shot. Check how far down the line the goalkeeper is.- Are they leaving too much of an opportunity to be lobbed vs making the goal appear smaller?
  • Awareness of the goalkeeper in relation to the ball and the player with the ball.


  • Vary the type of service.
  • Move coloured areas further away from goal and the server does not play a shot themselves but plays their ball for a server on another coloured cone to take the shot to improve the goalkeepers movement into line.

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