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Goalkeeping Dealing with Cutbacks Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeping Dealing with Cutbacks

Get your goalkeepers dealing with cutbacks by staying on their feet and anticipating the change of angle.

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  • Start by placing the balls around a cone in a wide area. The cone or flat disc will make sure the servers do not encroach to close to the goalkeepers.
  • One goalkeeper working. A gate on the penalty spot for the Server 2
  • Server 1 plays the ball between the gate for Server 2 to hit first time.
  • If S2 scores they become the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper starts at the back of the S1 line.
  • If S2 misses they just go to the back of the S1 line and S1 takes the place of S2 no matter what the outcome

Coaching points

  • Although this is working on the cutbacks, check the quality of the balls played in.
  • Check S2's body position is open to play across the goal and play a first time shot. This could replicate a back pass under pressure


  • Serve from alternate sides.
  • Introduce two strikers at S2 point
  • Two touch maximum to score

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