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Goalkeeper Low Dives Close to the Body Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeper Low Dives Close to the Body

Create goalkeepers with the confidence to save low shots, close to the body and to think of the next save with this technical session.

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  • Two lines of servers
  • Two goalkeepers working alternatively
  • Goalkeeper Comes in from opposite side to the initial server
  • Server shoots low across the goalkeeper
  • Low shot down low from second server rotate keepers after every set


  • Get into line with ball and centre of goal for initial shot
  • For second shot take fastest distance from A to B
  • Don't gamble and dive to early

Coaching points

  • Add an area with cones you want the servers to aim for to stop them going for top bins
  • Dont place servers on too narrow angle otherwise they will not work the goalkeeper as effectively they must be able to see alot of the goal


  • More sets per goalkeeper or one goalkeeper working
  • Vary the service introduce volleys or a long range shot
  • Shoot into near post for a low shot

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