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This drill encourages players to work together in a Defensive unit and is especially relevant for midfield players.

Set up 3 areas in a line: 5 x 5 yards, 20 x 5 yards and another 5 x 5 yards

Opposite this, within shooting distance (about 15 yards), set up 4 goal areas in a line, marked by cones. The 2 inside goals will be used for the first game and then just the 2 outside goals will be used for the second game.

Have 1 player restricted to each of the 5 x 5 areas, and 2 players in the 20 x 5 area. The goal of these players is to pass amongst themselves to score (firstly in the goals marked "1" and then in the goals marked "2").

Against them will be 4 defenders who will need to work together to shut down these shooting opportunities, starting midway between the boxes and the goals.

The coach plays the ball to the Attackers, and at this time the Defenders will approach the Attackers. They cannot travel into the boxes but will use angles to try to stop a quick pass and shoot option.


Coaching points

  • Angle of approach changes dependent on where they are trying to prevent play from going (usually based on whether they are aiming for goal "1" or "2"): once a Defender has cut off a pass they can engage with the player who has the ball
  • Channeling is a key goal here: body position should be used to encourage the Attackers to play in a certain direction. Defenders should be on the half turn (not square on so that if the ball gets moved they can move forwards or backwards)
  • Distances
    • Defenders should be tight enough for pressure
    • Between each of the Defensive players- don't want the gap to be big enough to play the ball through. Also if Defenders are too far apart then they can't cover
  • Defenders need to cover the position of the Defender engaging with the ball
  • Cut off passing channels

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