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Again, the signal made between player and corner taker before the ball is played into the box.

A player should be on the front post, with three attackers making runs into the area between the back post and the six-yard line. They should attack the goal by heading, or look for an alternative player.

Coaching points

  • The player on front post should be ready to flick on the ball, if the delivery is not good enough to reach the back post.
  • The player who gave the signal at the back of the box should run as if going to play short in order to create space.
  • The player on edge of area on corner takers side should make a late run into the back post area outside the 6-yard zone.

Your team can choose their own signal, as an example, the kicker can raise two hands to say they will aim for the back post, or one hand for the front post.

Choose a system that works for your team and stick with it.

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Drill tags: corner, crossing, finishing, football, set pieces

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