Soccer Drill Demonstration


Objective: Get players physically prepared for the session through a fun activity linked to the sessions goals.


  • Set up a 30 x 40 area with 4 goals (on the 40 side).
  • Split the players into 4 groups of 4 with a goal and ball each.
  • Explain the game of wembley singles and/or doubles (1v1 or 2v2).
  • If playing singles use a spare player as a goal keeper. However if playing doubles tell the players that Team A starts with the ball by the goal & plays out to Team B who can then attack.
  • Rotate around accordingly.
  • Stop after every couple of mins for dynamic stretches (open/close the gate, lunges, hip rotations, backwards lunges & punters).

Coaching points

  • Intensity of Wembley needs to be high so its a good pulse raiser.
  • Emphasis on scoring lots of different types of goals (success).
  • Dynamic stretches should be done until players feel muscle tightness not pain.
  • Do not coach, just allow play.

Drill tags: conditioned games, finishing, football, soccer, warm up, wembley

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