KS1: Part 6. Wheeling Leg Kicks and Reviewing the Shapes

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You always want to finish with a flourish and this gymnastics scheme of work is no different.

In unit six, in addition to reviewing everything we've learned over the past few weeks, we work on the wheeling kick. The wheeling kick is a graceful extension move, similar in appearance to a cartwheel, that in this session we will be performing around the ends of apparatus and over benches.

Skills covered:

  • Wheeling leg kick
  • Knee scale variations
  • Tuck jump and vaulting over apparatus,
  • Revise what we've already learned

Both specialist and non-specialist teachers will be able to work through this course since it is logical in format and straight forward in content, with film clips illustrating the sort of outcomes children might be expected to achieve. The content of each Unit is concentrated and the teacher's objective should not be to cram all the material into one session, but rather to water it down and where necessary take several lessons to cover a Unit while following the suggested format, from Body Temperature Raising to Calm Down in each lesson.

The limits of and duration of the Scheme of Work may be extended simply by 'going higher' in an apparatus context and by 'adding a twist' to the skill level demands.

We trust that what follows will lay firm foundations for the development of a child's gymnastics education and that teacher and pupil alike will have fun exploring the exciting world of gymnastics.

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