Gymnastics Drill Demonstration


Starting situation.

A stands upright, and holding a Wide position, in front of B and Face on to B.

B stands upright in front of A, and face on to A.

Grip. Hand to Wrist. The inside hand of B grips the outside Wrist of B. eg, the left hand of B grips the right wrist of A.

Works when Gymnast A is face on to B and standing in a Wide shape. Gymnast B is face on to A and close to A. Gymnast B grips the outside wrist of A with their outside hand; then squats down to push their inside arm through the legs of A. By pushing their shoulder into the tummy of A, and pulling on the wrist of A, gymnast B is able to pull the body of A across their shoulders and squat lift A, into a Firemans Lift. To exit the action B may lower A onto hands and into a roll, a cartwheel, or a handstand roll.

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