Golf Drill Demonstration


Place a linbe of markers to represent the colours red, yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black - with the red marker closest to the designated target. Split the group into teams and send each team to a marked out area. Givwe each team one club and one ball.

Tstarting from the red marker, the first player tries to 'pot' a red i.e. putt the ball in or on the target for one point. If successful, they then play from a colour - the points they get depends on the colour they choose - i.e. yellow = 2, green = 3, brown = 4, ect. If they score, the player carries on alternating between the red and a colour. Whne they miss, their score is added to the team total and control passes to the next player. The team with the highest score after a set period of time wins.

Coaching points


Easier: Use a larger target. Decrease the distance between the markers..

Harder: Use a smaller target. Increase the distance between the markers

The Drill is often used with

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