Switch Play - Use the full width of the pitch!

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This Sportplan Session looks at ways your players can get the better of bunching teams, by using the full width of the pitch and switching the ball into space!

Did you know that football pitches can vary massively in size? The length of the pitch can be anywhere between 90-120 meters long and pitches can be as narrow as 45 meters or as wide as 90 meters!

To make sure your players use the entire length and breadth of the pitch we work on creating space and spreading the ball. If one side of the pitch is congested it seems only natural that your players should switch the ball across and attack the free side - sounds simple, and it is... when you're stood on the sidelines! Make sure your players can see what you see!

Using fast passing, quick thinking and swift movement you'll be able to get your players taking up wide positions on the field - taking defenders with them and stretching your opposition to breaking point - Just like an elastic band the further you can stretch your opposition's defence, the weaker it becomes!

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