Spanish Flair: Shielding the Ball and Team Possession

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That Spanish team of 2010 were the kings of tiki-taka. The speed and accuracy of passing and their movement made sure they always had at least one pass on.

To help your team join the tiki-taka revolution this plan practices a variety of ball retention skills, starting with individual skills and then building to keep the ball as a team.

What's in the Session?

We start with a pass and move game with a twist; your players use their hands to pass the ball!

Following this fun warm up game we then practice holding up the ball and shielding it from defenders. Through 1v1 practice we teach your players to have a good low body position, with knees bent and using their arms to feel where the defender is.

Work as a team with two group possession exercises, working on passing and moving to keep the ball, before finishing with a full pitch game, passing up the pitch with good possession play!

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