Shooting - Attack and Finish Session

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This Sportplan Session aims to help your team bury the ball in the opposition's net - whether it's from a through ball or a cross - and to ensure they hit the target and test the keeper!

To get your players running on goal, reacting quickly to the pass and drilling their shot on goal this advanced shooting session aims to put your players under pressure - whether it's pressure from a defender or from a fast delivered pass!So what qualities should you be looking for in your strikers?

  • Well first of all they should have a predatory instinct, with a keen eye for goal.
  • The ability to time their runs to arrive as the ball does, arching their runs when meeting a cross.
  • A strong shooting technique, with the non-kicking foot pointing at the target with their head and shoulders over the ball.
  • And perhaps most importantly

  • Accuracy! Hit the target and there's always a chance it might go in or rebound for a tap in, so make sure your players test the keeper!

Test your players' reactions and shooting instinct with this Attacking and Finishing session!

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