First Defender Technique - Stand up and hold them up!

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All players who play in a defensive role should understand that as the first defender they need to slow down the attacker and not dive in! By slowing down the attacker you'll make it easier to mirror their body shape and force them where you want to go (away from the danger area and towards the wings!)

Defending is a vital part of the game, being able to win the ball back for your team will mean that your players can get back on the attack which is why this session gets all your players to work on their defending technique.

To get your defenders practising holding up the opposition, we start this session with some pairs defending drills and then progress into large group defending games - getting your players to practice their shepherding and holding up ability in a fun and fast paced conditioned game!

Once your players have got the hang of slowing down the attacker they can then look to make the interception! Remember, watch the ball, not the player and be patient... and most importantly don't dive in!

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