Finishing Session - Improving Reactions in front of goal

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Creating chances in your matches sometimes isn't enough - if you don't put them away then they don't count! That's why this plan gets all your players involved (yes, even your defenders) and get everyone focusing on hitting the target - making the keeper work to score more goals.

What's in the Session?

To improve your players' finishing we work on fast reactions, getting your players to get their head over the ball and put their laces through the ball.

To make sure the exercises in this session are as realistic as possible though your players will need to adapt quickly to the delivery - it might be on the ground, bobbling or even in the air - either way your players will have to strike the ball first time to make sure they don't get closed down.

Finishing is a skill that can't be learnt in one training session, it needs to be continually practised over and over throughout the season so that it can become instinctive. Start today and help your to develop the goal scorer's killer instinct!

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